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By Jeremy B. Silman, John Donaldson

ISBN-10: 1857442083

ISBN-13: 9781857442083

Many gamers are interested in the Dragon Sicilian, yet are cast off by way of the fierce mating assaults that White can release. within the sped up Dragon, Black goals for a far better model, saving a flow together with his queen's pawn. If White attempts to disregard the adaptation, Black's speedy detonation of the centre will come as an unwelcome chilly shower!The authors express that White's major answer, the Maroczy Bind, isn't so fearsome as used to be concept Black has many ways to wreck out, whereas typically it's attainable to manoeuvre round White's 'binding pawns' and exhibit that they imprison White's items up to they do Black's.

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Lί)xb3+ 14 axb3 d6) 12lί)d5 'iVa5+ 13 c3 lί)c6 (Korchnoi ίη ECO gives οηlΥ 13 ... lί)xb3 14 axb3 'iVd8 15 g5 i;). After 13 ... Hemandez, Cuba 1988, Black is doing fine. His plan should be Ιο follow with ... d6, ... e6, and then exchange off the dangerous knight οη d5 while puttίng his own horse οη e5. 10~ 1Ο fxe4? xe3 13lί)xe3 d6 doesn't give White any compensatίon at all for Black's extrapawn. aS+ 11 c3lί)cS A1so possible is 11 ... bxc6 13lί)xe7+ Φh8 14lί)xc8 :axc8 150-0 d5) 13lί)xe7+ Φh8 14lί)xc8 1hxc8 150-0 :cd8 16 'iVc200.

Xdl+ 16 ΦΧdΙ and now: 3a) 16 ... e5 20 :bl Φf7! (White gets an edge after 20... c5 = Uogele Vαriαtion: Mαin Line with 7... a5 29 :dl ]:Σh2+ 30 Wd3 ]:ΣhΙ 31 We2 :h2+ 1/2_1/2 Diaz-Hemandez, Cuba 1990) 21 ... xh2! d6 23 :xa5 We6 24 a4 :g8! b6 c5 28 a5 :g8 29 :a7 Wc6, etc. 3b) 16... d6 27 a3 We6 28 Wd3 Wd7 29 c4 :h3 1/2-1/2 LancMichenka, Bratίslava 1991. Ιη this lίne, as well as those comίng from 16 ... xb2, there are certaίn simίlaή­ ties. Both lίnes requίre Black Ιο play actίvely with his rook. Also common Ιο both is the manoeuvre ...

E7 11 ~b5lDe8 12 li)u4 d6 13 ~b6 ± 1-0 Langhein-PanIcn, cοπ 1982. txdS I14b: 10 exdS 51 61 Other moves are Iess ίmportant: Ι) 10 ~xc6 is completely innocuIIUS: 1O... c7 offers chances for both sides) 11 ... ~xd5 12 ~xd5 cxd5 (12 ... ta4 "'c7 :j: Besztercsenyi-IGss, Hungary 1993. txd5? a3 14 b3 e5 15 ~b5 e4 is more energetic) 140-0 exd5 15 c5 = AIvarez-Shure, New York 1993. txdS ιαιdS 10... ~xd4 (Shaba1ov has played this move severa1 times ίη his native LatVΊa but, ιο our knowledge, this is the οηlΥ published game with his idea, which is to get ίη ...

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