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By Joel Olson

Olson (political technological know-how, Northern Arizona U.) examines the yank obsession with race in keeping with its politics. He reveals that regardless of protests by way of whites that the United States is a democracy, in truth it really is divided into those that benefit from the merits of complete citizenship and others who don't. Olson works in the course of the historic and political historical past of

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1 His argument assumes that geographic origins (North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia) are the basis of race: the immigration of peoples from different continents will reduce people of European descent to a plurality, rendering a multiracial nation. Yet this scenario 1 2 – A POLITICAL THEORY OF RACE presumes that race is determined by ascribed characteristics rather than social relations. There is no necessary tension between social construction and multiracialism, of course. It is quite possible to say, for example, that Asian Americans constitute a race because they have forged a collective identity in response to discriminatory treatment based on a perceived common ancestry.

50 A POLITICAL THEORY OF RACE – 19 As the South goes, so goes the nation. Du Bois clearly intended his analysis of the cross-class alliance and the wages of whiteness to be generalized beyond Reconstruction. His critique of the white world, its wages, and the alliance culminate his lifelong critique of racial discrimination begun with “The Conservation of Races” in 1897 and most famously addressed in the 1903 Souls of Black Folk. Double Consciousness and the Two Worlds Unfortunately, Du Bois is rarely given credit for his groundbreaking work toward a political theory of race.

31 Black women additionally faced the threat of sexual assault without any expectation of legal or social protection. The wages of whiteness drove a wedge between Black and white workers such that, although they shared a language, dialect, religion, music, food, and (often enough) condition of squalor, they seemed to have almost nothing in common. Du Bois insists that the white workers’ actions cannot be explained away as false consciousness. Devious capitalists plot to divide and conquer the working class by fomenting racial divisions.

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