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By Louise Glück

ISBN-10: 1466875631

ISBN-13: 9781466875630

A Village existence, Louise Glück's 11th number of poems, starts within the topography of a village, a Mediterranean international of no certain second or place:

All the roads within the village unite on the fountain.

Avenue of Liberty, street of the Acacia Trees—

The fountain rises on the middle of the plaza;

on sunny days, rainbows within the piss of the cherub.

—from "tributaries"

Around the fountain are concentric circles of figures, prepared by way of age and in levels of distance: fields, a river, and, just like the fountain's contrary, a mountain. Human time superimposed on geologic time, all taken in at a look, with none undue sensation of pace.

Glück has been referred to as a lyrical and dramatic poet; because Ararat, she has formed her austere intensities into book-length sequences. right here, for the 1st time, she speaks as "the kind of describing, supervising intelligence present in novels instead of poetry," as Langdon Hammer has written of her lengthy lines—expansive, fluent, and full—manifesting a relaxed omniscience. whereas Glück's demeanour is novelistic, she focuses no longer on motion yet on pauses and durations, moments of suspension (rather than suspense), in a dreamlike current annoying within which poetic hypothesis and mirrored image are attainable.

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